Are you a proud owner of a BMW R1150RT motorcycle? Looking to upgrade or replace your windshield for better protection and visibility on your rides? You’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about bmw r1150rt windshield to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

Introduction to BMW R1150RT Windshields

The windshield on your BMW R1150RT plays a crucial role in providing protection from wind, bugs, debris, and other elements while riding. It also helps improve aerodynamics and reduces rider fatigue on long journeys. Whether you’re looking for a taller windshield for better wind protection or a tinted one for added style, there are plenty of options available in the market.

Benefits of Upgrading Your BMW R1150RT Windshield

  • Improved wind protection for a more comfortable ride
  • Better visibility in varying weather conditions
  • Enhanced aerodynamics for smoother cruising
  • Personalized style to make your bike stand out

Types of BMW R1150RT Windshields

  1. Standard Windshield: The stock windshield that comes with your BMW R1150RT. It provides basic protection and visibility but may not be suitable for all riders.
  2. Tall Windshield: Taller windshields offer increased protection from wind and debris, making them ideal for long-distance touring.
  3. Tinted Windshield: Tinted windshields not only look stylish but also reduce glare from the sun, improving visibility on bright days.
  4. Adjustable Windshield: Some windshields come with adjustable height settings, allowing you to customize the level of protection based on your preference.

How to Choose the Right BMW R1150RT Windshield

When selecting a windshield for your BMW R1150RT, consider the following factors:

  • Height: Choose a windshield height that provides adequate protection without obstructing your line of sight.
  • Material: Opt for a durable material like acrylic or polycarbonate for longevity.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the windshield is compatible with your BMW R1150RT model year.
  • Style: Select a windshield that matches your bike’s aesthetics and reflects your personal taste.


Q: How do I install a new windshield on my BMW R1150RT?
A: Installing a new windshield is a straightforward process. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for step-by-step guidance or consult a professional mechanic for assistance.
Q: Can I paint my BMW R1150RT windshield to match my bike’s color?
A: While it’s possible to paint a windshield, it’s recommended to consult with a professional to ensure a proper and durable finish.


Upgrading your BMW R1150RT windshield is a worthwhile investment that can enhance your riding experience and safety on the road. With various options available, you can choose a windshield that suits your needs and preferences. Remember to prioritize quality, compatibility, and functionality when selecting a windshield for your beloved BMW R1150RT. Ride on with confidence and style!

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